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Stephen Edwards has worked for Language Link for approximately three years in different capacities, including as a full-time corporate teacher and Director of Studies. Over his six years of teaching experience, he has taught students from a huge range of countries, including all over Asia, Europe, the Middle East and South America. He specializes in corporate ESL training and exam preparation courses.

Why Don’t People Understand My Pronunciation?

Confused manOne of the things that make language study so challenging is your own language background, and its “distance” from English in terms of grammar, pronunciation and use of vocabulary. For example, Korean, Japanese and Chinese students of English have to study a new alphabet just to get started, and English grammar is always tricky for students from this region.

English is a tough language to learn for many people from Asian countries, and Vietnam is no exception. Native speakers of Vietnamese also have particular areas of difficulty, and it is a good idea to be aware of what they are, why they occur, and how to overcome them.

Vietnamese students are fortunate in that their native language has a similar alphabet to English; instead, their biggest problem is pronunciation.

There is one difficulty in particular that I would like to mention here – consonant clusters or groups (for example, street, contracts).

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