Ten Tips for Becoming a More Confident English Speaker

Develop speaking confidence at Language Link VietnamLearning a new language can be an emotional experience. I know, because I have been learning Vietnamese for three years, and I still get frustrated when I have problems. I think:

Why can’t I say this better? Why do I make so many mistakes?

When I have problems communicating, I sometimes feel like I’m stupid. Do you ever feel this way too?

It’s easy to get excited when you start learning a new language. Everything is new! You’re constantly learning new words and expressions, and when you say a simple sentence, it makes you so happy!

But after awhile, this begins to change. You think: In my language, I’m so smart! Why don’t I sound like this in English? You’re no longer happy saying simple things. You want to express your personality – and you get frustrated that you’re unable to do it.

Here’s the thing to remember: these feelings are normal. Everybody feels this way sometimes – but you don’t need to feel that way all the time! Here are some things you can do to build your confidence while you continue learning English.

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You Are A Teacher, Too!

You Are A TeacherHow Do We Learn Things?
We learn from parents, uncles, aunts, grand-parents, friends, and strangers. We learn from books, films, and surfing the ‘net. We learn by chatting, listening, reading, watching, and even dreaming. Even our pets teach us things – about them and about ourselves.

In fact, the whole world is a teacher to us: the mountains, the weather, the stars.

Our parents teach us because they love us – and it is what our friends do because they love us too.

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Current Events

The International Foundation Year Programme at Language Link VietnamI spend most of my work days helping students try to get abroad to university though the International Foundation Year (IFY) Programme at Language Link. Something I’ve noticed from the students I encounter is their lack of awareness of world news.

To help them with this, I implemented a current events summary assignment.  Each week students have to do the following:

  • Find an article that interests them (politics, sports, fashion)
  • Condense (summarise) the article into 150-200 words
  • Submit it to me for lexical and grammatical feedback

The real purpose of the assignment was to create general awareness in this ever-expanding global world.  If you’re going to study abroad, you need to understand the world you live in.

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Learn English Naturally

Study English Naturally at Language Link VietnamDo Babies Study Grammar?
Think of how a baby learns to speak. Babies don’t study. But over time, they learn to speak quite well. How do they do this? They are surrounded by people who speak their language. They listen, and after some time, they begin to speak. It happens naturally.

Natural Method
Most students I know work very hard. They study grammar, write vocabulary lists, and take tests. Some people I know have been taking classes for years – but they still have trouble speaking English!

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10 Tips for Learning English

10 Tips for Learning EnglishIn my experience, everybody can learn a new language, but some people are better than others. They are not better because they are smarter; they are better because they KNOW HOW TO LEARN.

Anyone can become a better learner. No matter who you are, you will become a better language learner if you keep the following ideas in mind.

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