Language Link’s Two Pathways

Malcolm Young, Senior Director of Studies at Language Link Vietnam, describes the two study pathways students can choose when they study English at Language Link.

Tell us about the adult English program at Language Link.
Yes, our adult program basically has two pathways: the academic pathway and the professional pathway. And this has come in because we feel that this is moving forward and much receptive to the student population that we have now.

What are some of the key features of each program?
If we look at the academic pathway first, then clearly the main focus of that is to move students academically – developing their four skills and also their study skills, from an elementary through to an advanced level – so that they can take IELTS and gain 6 or 7 at that level of the exit point.

And for the professional pathway?
For the professional pathway, again, we move through to an upper-intermediate level from an elementary level, and…every course has within it very practical elements related to their day-to-day working or professional situation.

How should students choose the right pathway for them?
Really, the students themselves need to have some idea of what they intend to do with their language over the next six months…one year…two years – and that focus is what should show them whether they need to do a more academically-focused line of English, or a more practically – everyday, professional pathway.

How will this help students?
It will bring the language to life for them, effectively. They will be able to produce more language, as well as to understand more language as a result of participating on the pathways.

Where can students go for more information?
The obvious place is to come to one of our three centers –  one in Lang Ha, one in Yen Phu, and one in Dai Co Viet – and of course, we have a website, so they can also access us online.

Thank you very much.
My pleasure.

2 thoughts on “Language Link’s Two Pathways

  1. Hi Hal,
    It’s really interesting to read Teacher’s blog created by you. It is helpful and easy to understand. I can learn many things through these blogs. I love the way you talk about how to learn English as you really understand these weak points of Vietnamese learners in learning foreign language. Thank you alot & appreaciated much, Hal.
    (Do Thanh Tam)

    • Thank you, Tam ! I appreciate your kind words. I do think Vietnamese learners have both unique strengths and challenges, and I hope this blog proves useful to many people.

      Do you have any questions about your own study? If you do, please ask! We’ll be happy to do what we can to help.

      Thanks again!


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