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Australia Network Learning English - brought to you by Language Link Vietnam
Wouldn’t it be great if there was an entire television station producing high-quality video programs designed to help you learn English? Well, I have news for you: there is! It’s the Australia Network, and whatever your English level, you can find professionally produced and entertaining programs to help you build your skills.

The Australia Network is Australia’s international television service. It streams Australian programs all over the world, via television and the Internet. Along with news, sports, and entertainment, the Australia Network also produces a number of video programs designed for English language learners. You can find all these videos online at And best of all: they’re free!

A Program For You
The Australia Network has six main learning programs, each designed for different levels and needs:

Program Level Description
Living English Elementary
and Above
A 42-part series that looks at English used in everyday situations such as checking into a hotel or describing people.
Nexus Intermediate
and Above
Now in its 9th season, the program shows how people live and work in Australia, through stories about life, art and culture, business, and more.
and Above
An informative and entertaining way to learn common terms and English usage.
Business of English
Intermediate Learn the language used in everyday business situations, such as meetings, presentations, and negotiations.
and Above
Develop skills and strategies for academic English students – especially people preparing for the IELTS.
Passport to
and Above
Provides you with the opportunity to experience what it is like to sit a formal language interview for assessment purposes.

Focus On: Study English IELTS Preparation
Australia Network provides IELTS study tips that you can use alongside your academic study program at Language Link Vietnam
The Australia Network’s Study English IELTS Preparation program is divided into three series, containing 26 episodes each. Each episode draws upon authentic material you can watch, read, and listen to – plus study notes, tips, and activities for practice.

For example, Season One, Episode Two focuses on how to tell the difference between facts and opinions. In this episode, a scientist discusses the connection between Vitamin D and cancer. After listening to the scientist, our host, Margot Politis, discusses the different ways we can distinguish fact from opinion. She presents phrases we can use to express an opinion, and a short introduction to modal verbs. The video finishes with pronunciation tips that can help you present your opinions more clearly.

In addition to the video, the website includes a downloadable transcript of the show, as well as study notes and activities for further practice.

Why It’s Good
If you’ve been following this blog, you know that we are constantly telling English learners you need to listen to as much English as you can. Listening is the key to fluency, pronunciation, and survival in an English-speaking environment.

The Australia Network provides high-quality, professionally-produced videos that not only provide you with opportunities to listen, they provide you with opportunities to think. Overall, the programs are intelligent, entertaining, and will help build your skills if you listen to them regularly.

What Do You Think?
Are you familiar with the Australia Network? Have you ever watched any of their videos? What is your opinion of them? Let us know in the comments section below!

4 thoughts on “Best Websites For Learning English: Australia Network

  1. First of all, I want to thank you for introducing us this helpful website as you mentioned the idea before.
    Second of all, I just want to share my experience of studying from this television service. Although I don’t visit the website very often, I used to watch teaching English programs on the television channel everyday and now I watch them whenever I have free time. I used to like Living English serie very much because it’s easy to understand as well as study from and the story is attractive. Now I prefer watching English bites and IELTS preparation especially when I prepare to take the IELTS exam. For me, watching English bites is an enjoyable way to learn common phrases. Besides, Nexus is good too, there is subtitle on the screen which helps me know the words I haven’t known or can’t hear. However, I think the subtitle sometimes distracts me from listening and turns me to read it. (This also happens when I watch a film with subtitle. Do you have any advices for me about this problem?)
    Last of all, I think students as me should make the most of all means to study English, including this website. Thank you again and look forward to your next posts.

    • That’s great, Ngoc – thank you so much for sharing your experience with us!

      It’s interesting what you have to say about reading subtitles. I’m not sure if these are helpful or not – do they help you understand, or do they distract you from listening? Maybe I should see if anyone has studied this; it would be interesting to hear what people have learned – don’t you agree?

      At any rate, I’m glad the Australia Network has been helpful to you. Please let us know if there are any other sites or resources you can recommend.

      All the best,


  2. in today’s world english is very important to know. it is one of the leading language all over so one must know english and this is very helpful.

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