LLV’s International Foundation Year Programme

In our earlier post, Tips for Success in Foreign Universities, we talked about how important it is for students to develop skills that will help them succeed when they study abroad. This is what Language Link Vietnam’s International Foundation Year (IFY) Programme is designed to do!

In this video, Todd Lando, LLV’s IFY Programme Manager, tells students how they can enter the program and develop the academic skills they need to study abroad.

What is your name?

My name’s Todd Lando.

What do you do at Language Link?

I manage the International Foundation Year Programme, or IFY.

Tell us about the IFY Programme. What is it? Who is it for?

The IFY Programme is for students who are in high school, age 16 to 18, and they come here for either one or two years, and their ultimate goal is to study at university overseas. So the IFY Programme is a preparation course.

So you prepare them academically.

We prepare them academically, and we also give them some cultural awareness, so that they know what to expect in the countries that they’ll go to.

How is this different from just taking academic classes at a language centre?

Well, usually academic classes at language centres imply academic English. We do focus on that, of course, but we also focus on other academic subjects. There’s a huge influence on business. We don’t just teach business English, but we also incorporate business theories, and methodologies…

Management, and…

Yeah, we teach them about different leadership styles, we cover marketing and elements of finance.

Is this programme recognized by foreign universities?

Yes, there is a list of approximately 60 universities that recognize this programme, and those universities are located in several countries – mostly the UK, Australia, and the US.

Does Language Link help students get placed into these universities?

Yes, Language Link does. Language Link has contacts with various agents around Hanoi and Vietnam who then have closer ties with the universities. And so we’re able at Language Link to put students in touch with those agents.

What are the requirements to enter the programme?

Students are required to be at approximately a 4.5 IELTS level –

So that’s about pre-intermediate…

Yes, and…well, it’s about Pre-Intermediate 3 to Intermediate. But we look at students really on a case-by-case basis, so you don’t have to be exactly 4.5. It does vary.

How can students find out more about the programme?

There are several options. Language Link – and particularly IFY staff – we go to high schools every year and we find out which students are interested…and then they take a test if they are, and we see how they perform. You can also get on the Internet to find basic facts about the programme. And you can always stop in any one of the Language Link Centres and pick up a brochure.

Thank you very much.

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